Finding new ego with Louis Vuitton

In the world of Louis Vuitton, traveling is a inspiration, traveling is an art, traveling is several images, emotions, and every elegant moments. From 1854, Louis Vuitton have been designed so many traveling cases for the explorers, travelers and famous stars which created a Louis Vuitton traveling art.
Although in 1937, the famous female pilot Amelia Earhart was disappeared when she flied over the Pacific Ocean.This woman who created many great flights became the pronoun of strength of female flying.But in the history of traveling, Amelia is an exception.From the African hunting of Roosevelt to the south pole exploration of Robert Falcon Scott, Men have been the main role in the past 100 years history.But we have to say, everyone has a mind to flee to which is born with nature even the society defined the women as tender temperament from the very first moment.
That is why we like the new advertisement of Louis Vuitton.No doubt, Louis Vuitton was keeping exploring the truth of traveling in the spring and summer advertisement of 2014.Men were disappeared from the advertisement and all about women.The super model Karen Elson and Edie Campbell traveled in the Africa.They talked with the fawns and played with the lions.They were like the muse in the photographers eyes.Those shows the brave mind of women and their spirit with the challenges they will face with in the travel and they will never afraid of life as that is the life.
The unknown findings, the exploring enthusiasm and the joy of findings which are all the fruits they get in the life and also in the traveling.That is the best idea that Louis Vuitton show to the the whole world.
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laying on the Louis Vuitton

Laying on the bed leisurly, this is a bedroom with Louis Vuitton. To many women, to own a Louis Vuitton bag are one of the happiest thing they want to do in their life. What things will make people admire you more than buying a Louis Vuitton bag? The answer is to have a room which is full of the design of Louis Vuitton and the logos of Louis Vuitton.This bedroom is totally different from the past that having the Louis Vuitton designing furnitures, it is totally Louis Vuitton bedroom which is designed by Louis Vuitton.To fulfill so many people’s dream to sleep with the Louis Vuitton.
More than that is without the Louis Vuitton bedroom, the Blvagri and Channel art collections are full of this house.This house which is located in Houston now becomes the famous house for the luxury logos, this house owns five bedroom, every bedroom are the Louis Vuitton Logo and design , one SPA center and three swimming pools and even one boat yard.It is really a luxury house to stay.
If you want to lay on the bed leisurely and want to appreciate the Louis Vuitton, you have to buy this house for 2.35millon dollars, think carefully, it is not so expensive, right?
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The development of Louis Vuitton bags

All the famous and luxury brand has its own development and history.For the luxury brand of Louis Vuitton , its history worth us to know.
In 1854, Louis Vuitton was founded.In 1856,“GRIS TRIANON” was introduced, this is the travel case of Louis Vuitton.In 1860, Vuitton moved his workshop to Asnières in order to adapt to the market demand.In 1867, Louis Vuitton earned his widespread praise and made him become a multinational brand. In 1876, Louis Vuitton payed attention on protecting against the duplication.6.In 1885, the first store opend.In 1888, Damier Canvas pattern created.In 1892, Louis Vuitton’s son inherit the company. In 1893, Louis Vuitton company was changed into a worldwide corporation.In 1896, Louis Vuitton opened its worldwide patents.In 1913, the largest travel-goods store—the Louis Vuitton Building opened.In 1930, the Keepall bag was introduced.In 1932, the Noé bag introduced. In 1936, Gaston-Louis Vuitton, assumed control of the company.From 1945, Louis Vuitton incorporated its leather.In 1959, Monogram Canvas revamped.3.In 1966, the Papillon was launched By 1977, high annual revenue..In 1978, the first stores in Japan.Presence in Asia.In 1983, joined with America‘s Cup. In 1985, Epi leather line was introduced.In 1997, Marc Jacobs in Louis Vuitton. n 1999, the release of the mini monogram line. By 2001, Stephen Sprouse in Louis Vuitton. In 2002, the Tambour collection. In 2003, Takashi Murakami in collaboration.In 2004, 150th anniversary. In 2010, the most luxurious store of Louis Vuitton opened.
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The attraction of LV

Good brand always inspires so many things for the future. And good brand is always a classical reflection for the history.Louis Vuitton is a good explanation for the history.Louis Vuitton bags are more like the pearl on the crown, adding boundless charm to Louis Vuitton family.
To talk about the Louis Vuitton hanbags, first is the design of the out look, the out look of the bags is a classical design for LV.The material of the bag is also good to use.The canvas material on the bag makes people hard to resist its attraction.The good colors of the bags make people excited with those bags.The most memorable bag of LV is the flower bag they released which is called the classical collection of LV. Louis Vuitton women bags are changeable, and easy and good to match the clothes is one of the most outstanding features of LV bags. Those bags make women be leading role in the street, that why so many women are so desperate to own Louis Vuitton handbags.
For the reasons we stated above, Louis Vuitton handbags can make you be the focus in the public.And at the same time, you will be the attention of all people, with this , you will feel in big pressure at the same time.This pressure will make you progress at the same time, be better , be outstanding!
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Louis Vuitton Foundation

On 20th October, Louis Vuitton Foundation was opened in Paris and they have a celebration for the opening.The president of France,François Hollande, CEO of LVMH,Bernard Arnault,Frank Gehry,Nicholas Ghesquiere,Raf Simons,Marion Cotillard,(Michelle Williams),and Jeff Koons attended the opening celebration.

As we all known, Louis Vuitton foundation was made to be the show stage of 2015 LVMH spring and summer collections, that was also the first time that Louis vuitton foundation was showed to the whole world. This foundation was called as crystal palace by the president of France.And besides the Louis Vuitton bag, this also a millstone for LVMH. When Bernard Arnault, who was the CEO of LVMH said in the interview that he would called the art museum as Louis vuitton foundation because the Louis vuitton handbag was one of the longest and best product for LVMH. And the built of Louis vuitton Foundation also finished the wish that Arnalt wanted to build a art museum in Paris. Karl Lagerfeld also was one of the presenting guest for the showing of Louis Vuitton Foundation.

With this celebrating, the Louis Vuitton will be in anther stage with new development not only for the good quality, but also for its long history.

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I am a fashion girl

I am a fashion fashion girl in the big big world, I want to be a fashion fashion girl in the fashion fashion world with all the fashion stuffs. That is my wish.And the first wish i want to make it true is to own my own Louis Vuitton bags.

I am always thinking if i can afford to buy a expensive Louis Vuitton bags, i will be the spot in the street. Gossip Girl is the TV series i have seen three times and i admire the girls in that TV series can hold all kinds of Louis Vuitton handbags.With the new design and good leather made, the LV bag could be a sigh for the fashion empire.I often read the fashion magazines and i can see LV bag is a forever theme to girls.All the girls on the magazine hold a LV bag to finish the fashion outfit, it is accessory more than a bag.

I will never forget the moment i found the cheap Louis Vuitton bags online.It is thrilled to be happy, I do not have words to describe my feeling.Like I won a lottery, like my life is fulfilled with this bag. And it is shipping with no charge.Now i am waiting my LV bags to send to me.Happy to wait!

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a sunrise with Louis Vuitton

This autumn, it is the 30th  years anniversary for the marriage of my father and mother, my father asked me what’s the present he should sent to my mother because he have already sent 30 presents to her for every anniversary for their marriage with flowers, rings, the things my mother asked herself.He wants to be different this autumn.So that is a problem for him. I am also thinking hard then a item came to my mind.

I was thought that last time I went to shopping with my mother, the time she stared at the Louis Vuitton handbags.That was the first time i saw my mother stared at things with that look, i knew she was attracted by that Louis Vuitton bag. I introduced that famous luxury item to her and she told me that she liked the bag but it seemed very expensive.And i wanted to buy for her but she stopped me.After that time, she always looking for the similar bags when she goes to shopping or online shop, but she has no result. I can read the disappointment on her face every time.

I told my father that thought, and my father checked online store for a new Louis Vuitton bag with a good price that we can afford.On the day they celebrated the anniversary, my father sent that LV bag to my mother, she was surprised with that bag and very happy when she heard that the bag was bought in a good price.Sometimes, it is so easy to make others’ happy in our life.

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