Moncler has its new Pochette clutch

Moncler has its new Pochette clutch
The outstanding outdoor equipment fashion brand Moncler has its new Pochette clutch, as the first time that Moncler released its handbags, this time also attract so many people’s attentions for the reason that Moncler is a sports brand from the first beginning.To people who are familiar with Moncler, we can know its products are practical for use, various kinds of colors, and changes of materials.The new 2014 Pochette Mon Amou handbags has its own styles with the perfect presenting of Moncler.The designing idea of Moncler is for practical use and with unique design is popular for fashion people.This series has two sizes to choose, big and small ones.The technical nylon, gorgeous leather fur, metalic leather and bonny leather are the main materials for this Pochette Mon series.The bag cladding and lining up artificiality makes the bag special.There are many colors of this Moncler Pochette series as luxury gold,forest green,modern silver ,mysterious black and earth brown as the neutral colors which are full of vision feels.Those make Moncler Pochette Mon series as the most looking forward series of Moncler products in this season.And also , this series makes Moncler not only a brand for outdoor equipments producer, but also shows its ability of the designers and their willing to step into the fashion world withe practical uses for their products.That is the goal that Moncler sets for this period, and it will be more and more poplar with Moncelr .Moncler has its first handbag several years ago, and this time, the new Moncler Pochette Mon cluthes are also an innovation for Moncler itself.
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