2014 Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Suitcase Lookbook

2014 Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite Suitcase Lookbook
To be a famous brand, Louis Vuitton has always take the position as a worker for best combination of tradition and the latest fashion.Unlike other brands which are always like to keep old styles for a long period of time, Louis Vuitton is always searching for the chance to be progress.
2014, Louis Vuitton’s traditional personalized service is now covered for Damier Graphite Canvas Suitcase series.Early in 19th Centuries,Louis Vuitton set its goal for making personalized traveling products.In 2014, the customers of Louis Vuitton could require Louis Vuitton to made the first letter of their Mon Damier Greaphite suitcase with their own name by Louis Vuitton online service.And Louis Vuitton also provide the chances to its customers to take part in the producing and creating design of Louis Vuitton’s products.With the unlimited posibility ,Louis Vuitton wants to made the best and unique product for every customer of Louis Vuitton.Louis Vuitton add 5 new colors to its 22 colors of Louis Vuitton Mon Damier Graphite series.Louis Vuitton’s customers could choose their own colors for their own Louis Vuitton Mon Monogram and Mon Damier Graphite.
To more and more customers, with this kind of service, they could enjoy the differences that Louis Vuitton provide for them with a luxury feel and own personalities are presented by Louis Vuitton special made for them.
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