Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Contrast

Nike Air Jordan 4 Retro Contrast
Air Jordan 4 contrast with 1999vs 2008 vs 2012,With the trend of Retro shoes of basketball shoes, more and more basketball shoes are crushed into our memory.To talk about retro shoes, Nike Air Jordan shoes must be the first to talk about.The three versions of Nike Air Jordan 4 are the topic we want to discuss this time, from 1999version, 2008 version to 2012 version, we want to know what’s the time bring to us with those three retro shoes.

Look at the three shoes, the outer looks of those three shoe styles are changes a little bit with the black and red colors.The 1999 shoe is much more pump, and the plastic piece of heel is higher than other two versions.And the 2008 and 2012 versions are much more the same.To compare with 1999 version, those two tyles are thinner and rounder.And also we can look at the upper of the shoes.If you do not take a careful view at those three pairs of shoes, they are almost the same with the uppers.The difference are at the shoe tongue.The woven reseau of those three shoes are a little bit different with the density.1999 version is much denser than other two as 2008 version and 2012 version.And the width of the woven reseau on the shoes are also changed on those three shoes. There are some small details on those three shoe styles with the retro versions. Retro shoes are always keep the original style with small changes on the shoes to make fan of Nike Air Jordan 4 fans to know the classic but also enjoy the changes.

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