Moncler’s K2 2014—bring the Moncler classic honor back to 60 years ago

Moncler’s K2 2014—bring the Moncler classic honor back to 60 years ago
Like the time is going back to 60 years ago in 1054, Moncler provide the equipment for the once again climbing after 60years climbing the K2 hill movement.This movement is intend to dedicate to the Italian Lino Lacedelli and Achille Compagnoni who climbed K2 Hill 60 years ago.This time, Moncler provides the special uniform and equipment with Moncler 2014 Autumn and Winter Lionel Terray serie which is sold in Moncler store in october.The six coats of moncler for high protective funciton which is made to speical outdoor use and simple but not bad style design.No matter what time it is, with the Moncler equipment, Hiking and climbing could be a fashion experience.As 60 years ago, Moncler use a professional heart and knowledge to produce those special equipment to supply the needs of those climbing scientists. Moncler also offer two Italian hiking men to go with those scientists to help them with the climbing.With that in mind, it is not strange why Moncler could be the king of feather outfit and equipment.They gain the highly praise from those who use Moncler equipment to climbing high hills with snow and ice.That is also a kind of respect that Moncler shows to those who always works on the exploration of nature and human.
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