Nike Hyperfuse 2013

The fourth generation of the things are always bring unusual feeling to people and the world, like Iphone 4 changed the world, like LeBron 4 and Kobe 4 brought personal signed shoes to new level.This time, Nike Hyperfuse 2013 brings surprises to us as the fourth generation of Nike Hyperfuse series.Besides the surprises, more things Nike Hyperfuse 2013 brings to people are familiar.
From the back line of Deron Michael Williams, to inner line Roy Hibbert, Hyperfuse 2013 takes the traditions from its elder shoes.It is hard to find the basketball shoes which are suitable to wear to play basketball in all positions.The Inner line players need the shoes to be stable, and the fore line players need the shoes to be flexible and stable at the same time.It is easy to know the hardness to make a pair of basketball shoes which are suitable to all positions.That is the thing that Nike Hyperfuse wants to make from the first generation.We can trust the functions of this pair Nike Hyperfuse 2013 after so many renewing.Hyperfuse uses Composite materials as the reseau, composites and Tpu to squezze together to make the vamp of the shoes.With this kind of material, wearers can do the sports with the shoes freely without any concerns.
When we first wearing this pair of Nike Hyperfuse 2013, we will feel this pair of shoes good to fit feet.With a good fitness but not pinching the feet.And the permeability of the Hyperfuse 2013 is better than all the Hyeperfuse shoes before.To our opinion, Hyperfuse takes the traditions from Hyperfuse 2012 and develops its new functions well.So this pair of Nike Hyperfuse 2013 is good to be owned.
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