Louis Vuitton’s Classic made by Marc Jacobs

The most surprised thing for fashion filed in 2013 was Marc Jacobs left Louis Vuitton.With the leaving of Marc Jacobs, you may thought Marc Jacobs’age was over.But it was the opposite thing that it was a new beginning for Marc Jacobs. According to the record, the most popular designer in 2013 was Marc Jacobs.It is a truth that it is the hard year for Marc Jacobs.But he created so many classic collections for Louis Vuitton .Every show of Louis Vuitton created by Marc Jacobs were all unusual.Today, we want to take you to have reviews about Marc Jacobs Louis Vuitton show.
First is the 2007 Spring and Summer show which attracted world’s attention that Marc Jacobs brought Chinese woven bags on the Louis Vuitton stage first time.At the same time, the Victoria Queen style was the main theme for the show.And Marc Jacobs’s bold ways made the 2008 Louis Vuitton Spring and Summer Show more like a uniform temptation of Nurse.The spray painting bags were the shining point for that show.In the Winter show of 2008 Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs made people surprised with his talent again with the elegance that showed by Mix-match styles.And in the economic crisis as 2009, the Spring and Summer show of Louis Vuitton showed the gorgeous style in this time.2009 Winter show of Louis Vuitton, Marc Jacobs used France as his muses, the bony ears, the gorgeous boots which made people
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