Isabel Marant with a good comfort to me

I am working hard everyday for myself, for my children and for my family.Life is getting very confused with some people like me.In the past, I am a happy girl with all the beautiful things in the world, I like dressing up myself, I like laughing, but all things have been changed since Mike borrowed our money and run away.We lent all our money with my husband to our best friend Mike who said he need the money for the funds for his business.Then after 1year we borrowed money to him, he run away.Then it was a nightmare.
We have been worked so many years with my husband for we only got that much money to improve our life.Especially my son Nick born, we thought we could have a better life with this baby.Now I need to work harder for Nick because I do not want my son like us.Life seems much more hard to us, and it is a good saying for the Chinese people with poor couples always fight, our relationships are getting very tense with fights.We fought for who need to responsible for Mike’s thing and we fought for the tiredness we had at our own work.Only this pair of Isabel Marant boots save me, this pair of shoes were the only shoes I bought for myself this year.They are more like the console to me after a long day working.I think I get back my normal life like before Mike’s thing and wearing this pair of Isabel Marant sneakers make me confident to face the difficulties I will have in the future.It is a comfort to me for wearing Isabel Marant shoes.
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