Louis Vuitton’s designer wants to have his own brand

LV’s designer Nicolas Ghesquiere has been talked about his career plan with the interviews recently.He was elected to be one of the most creative man in 2014 and with the interview with the reporter, he said he wanted to have his own brand.
It must be a lie that I never consider about this idea to have my own brand.But at the same time, it does not mean he will have his own brand quickly, “everything has the right time, I am working hard in Louis Vuitton and I never forget my own desire and dream.
Nicholas wants his own brand to be created originally, “if it just the
copy of famous brands, it is not my intention and without any meaning to me.In my mind, my own brand will never do in this way, especially I have been successful in this career.”we do not have any criticizes to Nicholas.This year, Louis Vuitton has six series designed by Nicholas, Nicholas spent so much energy on those six series and as a big fan of Star Wars, he need to keep the time for it.
As all the famous designers in the world, it is no doubt they have the idea to start their own brand like Nicholas, that is also a problem for Lousi Vuitton, for the thinking that Nicholas stated to the whole world, Louis Vuitton needs to find a new one who can take Nicholas’ position and keep Louis Vuitton as outstanding as Nicholas time!
See more from:louisvuittononlineart.com/



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