Louis Vuitton in 2015 spring and summer

The Spring and Summer Collection of 2015 for Louis Vuitton hold in 23th September of 2014 in Hongkong which we should pay attention it is the first show of Louis Vuitton in Asia.In 7th May this year, Louis Vuitton has its 2015 Spring Show in Monaco which was the second show that Nicolas Ghesquière took the position as the art director of Louis Vuitton.This season’s designs had a theme for the daily wears to the closet.But if you take a carefully look, you will find out the surprised details in the design of Louis Vuitton collections.The early spring designs totally overturned the usually seeing design for Louis Vuitton which used a beauty art to design.The new mix match which is broke the rules of past.This early spring collection is a collection without normal logic.It is art collection from the master.
When we entering the show, we first can see a old Louis Vuitton travelling case to show a sense of age to dedicate to the classic aim of Louis Vuitton.And then taking a carefully look at the new collection of Louis Vuitton, you will find the details changed on the clothes is a main theme for this collection.Using the unconnected materials and patterns on the clothes to show a crush of french elegance.The colors of the early spring collection also show the rich colors in the spring.
With our introduction, people will have a learning of the Louis Vuitton collection in 2015.
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