Three ways to tell real and fake Louis Vuitton bag

Nowadays, more and more people are selling Louis Vuitton bags and says their products are the so-called authentic version.For those who want to buy real Louis Vuitton bags, it is hard to tell the differences from the real and fake ones.We want to introduce the ways how to tell the real and fake Louis Vuitton bags.
It has five points to tell.The first one is the leather.Louis Vuitton loves to use the water resistant canvas to make its bags.The canvas is light and water resistance.And to compare with the typical old leather, the patterns of the real bags are much more concavity than the fake ones.The softness of the real bag is just well, not too hard or too soft.The patterns are in green color and the fake ones are in yellow color.And the second we should check is the hardware on the bags.The hardware on the bag is not good with the shiniest one.The zipper of the Louis Vuitton is like scrubbing feels not the shinning ones.And the third one we should pay attention to is the line of the bag.The real bag is lined orderly and tidy with hand sewing.The fake ones is coarse and bootish with the machine.And the lines of real bags are good shaped but the fake ones is not so carefully.
With those three ways, we think many people get a basic understanding about tell the fake and real bags.
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