Finding new ego with Louis Vuitton

In the world of Louis Vuitton, traveling is a inspiration, traveling is an art, traveling is several images, emotions, and every elegant moments. From 1854, Louis Vuitton have been designed so many traveling cases for the explorers, travelers and famous stars which created a Louis Vuitton traveling art.
Although in 1937, the famous female pilot Amelia Earhart was disappeared when she flied over the Pacific Ocean.This woman who created many great flights became the pronoun of strength of female flying.But in the history of traveling, Amelia is an exception.From the African hunting of Roosevelt to the south pole exploration of Robert Falcon Scott, Men have been the main role in the past 100 years history.But we have to say, everyone has a mind to flee to which is born with nature even the society defined the women as tender temperament from the very first moment.
That is why we like the new advertisement of Louis Vuitton.No doubt, Louis Vuitton was keeping exploring the truth of traveling in the spring and summer advertisement of 2014.Men were disappeared from the advertisement and all about women.The super model Karen Elson and Edie Campbell traveled in the Africa.They talked with the fawns and played with the lions.They were like the muse in the photographers eyes.Those shows the brave mind of women and their spirit with the challenges they will face with in the travel and they will never afraid of life as that is the life.
The unknown findings, the exploring enthusiasm and the joy of findings which are all the fruits they get in the life and also in the traveling.That is the best idea that Louis Vuitton show to the the whole world.
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